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L-Theanine vs. Suntheanine – Which Is Better?

You may wonder what the difference is between L Theanine and Suntheanine. In this guide, we compare Suntheanine vs L Theanine. Read on for more.

By: Legacy Nutrition | March 31st, 2023
Medically reviewed by: Matt Burkdall, MS, MBA, LMFT, MedFT

Many of us want to be smarter, often looking for new ways to give our minds a boost. Because of this, Nootropics are on the rise and expect a growth of 17.5% each year. Nootropics are medicinal substances that improve cognitive functions such as learning and memory.

If you’re interested in trying Nootropics but aren’t sure where to start, L-Theanine and Suntheanine are some of the most popular options available. To help you decide which is most beneficial, we’ll explain the differences between Suntheanine vs L-Theanine.

What Is L-Theanine?

L-Theanine is a strong nootropic amino acid compound found in green and black teas and some mushrooms. You can ingest L- Theanine in these natural sources or in several wellness supplements, where it’s a common ingredient.

It’s a cost-effective choice that’s easy to incorporate if you’re on a budget. Aside from the benefits, it’s one of the main reasons many wellness companies use it in their products.

Benefits of L Theanine

L-Theanine reduces anxiety, minimizes symptoms of depression, sharpens alertness, and boosts cognitive function. L-Theanine accomplishes these benefits by increasing the feel-good chemicals in the brain, such as serotonin and dopamine. It even reduces chemicals linked to stress and anxiety.

Another benefit to L-Theanine is that it increases alpha wave activity in the brain. A boost in alpha waves increases feelings of calm, creativity, focus, and the ability to store information.

What Is Suntheanine?

Suntheanine is L-Theanine extracted using a different production process. Standard L-Theanine comes from ground-up tea leaves and the extracted dosage is often inconsistent. Suntheanine involves a patented technology that uses microbes to produce nootropics instead.

This process results in a purer form of L-Theanine that is more potent than its counterpart. Suntheanine is manufactured by a company called Taiyokagaku Co. Ltd.

Benefits of Suntheanine

Suntheanine benefits are the same as L-Theanine in identical dosages. The upside to using Suntheanine vs. L-Theanine is that you receive a purer substance and have more control over your dosages. The way it is manufactured allows you to condense the benefits of 10 cups of tea into a single serving. For most users, this is a more convenient choice.

Due to the difference in production, Suntheanine does often have a higher price tag than L-Theanine. In exchange, you’ll receive more consistent results with each use. Suntheanine is one of the key ingredients found in Amare’s Happy Juice Pack.

Suntheanine Vs L-Theanine: Which is Better?

When it comes to Suntheanine vs L-Theanine as a nootropic, they are both excellent options for your cognitive health. Both options support brain health, reduce stress levels, allow you to focus, and enhance your moods. Suntheanine may have a slight edge due to consistent results and the convenience of dosages.

At Legacy Nutrition, wellness is a top priority. That’s why you’ll find Suntheanine in products like the Happy Juice Pack. If you’re on a path to a healthy lifestyle, Amare products can help you reach your destination. Check out their Wellness Guide for more tips on a healthy lifestyle.

  • Improves brain health & overall well-being
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Boosts mood and energy levels
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Helps you feel more balanced and calm
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Matt Barkdull


Matthew Barkdull, MS, MBA, LMFT, MedFT, is a licensed mental health professional, a certified medical family therapist, a certified health and wellness coach, and a licensed financial professional.

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