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Child development has been the subject of study and debate for decades. Parents and researchers are always seeking new ways to approach the physical, psychological, and emotional changes that children and adolescents go through.

A recent study found that in the post-pandemic world, emotional regulation has become even more difficult for kids to navigate. To deal with these new and uncertain conditions, we need new and improved tools.

Today, we are offering our Amare Kids Pack review to consider one possible tool that might make a difference. The goal of the Amare Kids Pack is to nurture both the growing mind and body.

What is the Amare Kids Pack? How does it support health and development? Read on for our complete Amare Kids Pack review.

What Is the Amare Kids Pack?

Like all Amare products, the Amare Kids Pack doesn’t just target physical health. The supplements included in the Amare Kids Pack are designed to maximize all aspects of children’s health, including mental and emotional health. The Amare FundaMentals line connects gut and brain health, allowing better communication between these two important control centers.

The Amare Kids Pack comes with all three of the Kids FundaMentals supplements, including:

  • Kids FundaMentals drink mix
  • Kids VitaGBX vitamins
  • Kids Mood+ powder sticks

When taken daily, these powerful supplements can help to fill gaps in your child’s nutritional intake and support the gut-brain axis.

Key Ingredients

The Amare Kids Pack provides important vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, and more. We believe in the importance of sourcing our nutritional powerhouse to support children’s health from great-tasting natural ingredients.

Key ingredients in the Kids Fundamentals include:

  • Asian Apple
  • French Grape
  • New Zealand Pine Bark
  • Artichoke Leaf Extract
  • Ginger Root

Key ingredients in the Kids VitaGBX include:

  • Asian Apple
  • French Grape
  • New Zealand Pine Bark

Key ingredients in Kids Mood+ include:

  • Affron Saffron
  • Holy Basil
  • Rosemary

Thanks to our proprietary blend, we don’t have to include any added sugar, artificial flavors, or artificial colors in any of our Kids Pack products and children still love the taste.

Health Benefits of the Amare Kids Pack

What health benefits does the Amare Kids Pack offer children? How do all of those key ingredients come together to support growth, development, and health? The Amare Kids Pack supplements may:

  • support full mind and body nutrition for growing kids and teens
  • promote efficiency of the immune system
  • improve concentration, attention, and alertness
  • reduce inflammation and stress hormone production
  • provide mood support and stress resilience
  • support energy and mental acuity
  • normalize neurotransmitter activity
  • support improved memory

Together, the three Amare Kids Pack supplements work synergistically to provide comprehensive support that both children and teens can enjoy.

What Makes the Amare Kids Pack Different?

There are many reasons why parents are turning to Amare for kids’ health and development. One of them is the simplicity of our ingredients and the lack of unnecessary additives and sugars you’ll often find in other supplements for children.

Amare for kids also differs from other supplements for children because of its focus on the gut-brain access. Many available supplements provide important vitamins and minerals without considering the necessary ingredients and probiotics that can have a positive impact on gut health. Research shows that there is a close connection between a thriving gut biome and mental and emotional stability, something we’ve harnassed to improve child and teen emotional regulation.

Finally, Amare takes care to provide the right daily doses of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, while other supplements bombard the system. While the body is able to process unneeded levels of vitamins and minerals and pass them, others (like iron or Vitamin C) can raise health concerns or create discomfort when taken in large doses.

Amare Kids Pack Review from Families

How has Amare Kids Pack been received by parents and children who have used it? What is the overall Amare Kids Pack review from the families who use it?

Many parents and children have seen significant improvement in things like emotional control, energy stability, and focus. For many families, this has led to reduced temper tantrums, improved school performance, and more. With the help of their pediatricians, some parents have even reported a reduced need for pharmaceuticals after their children began using the Amare Kids Pack.

Recommended Dosages and Uses

We recommend incorporating the Amare Kids Pack supplements into your daily routine. The recommended directions are as follows:

  • Kids FunDamentals: mix one scoop into 2-8 oz of water per day
  • Kids VitaGBX: chew two tablets with breakfast and two tablets with dinner
  • Kids Mood+: take one powder stick by mouth or mix it into a drink as needed and do not exceed three sticks per day

With approval from your pediatrician, you can start Amare for kids of all ages.

Amare Kids Pack Safety and Side Effects

Are there any concerns about Amare Kids Pack safety or side effects? Safety concerns and side effects are minimal. Some children may notice changes in digestive health when first taking Amare supplements, as the introduction of probiotics can change the frequency or consistency of stools.

As with any supplement, you should always consult your pediatrician before adding the Amare Kids Pack to your child’s nutritional routine. This is especially important if they are taking any medication or have unique health concerns. If your child is having a negative experience with the Amare Kids supplements, it is safe to stop taking them at any time.

Where to Buy the Amare Kids Pack

Now that you’ve read our Amare Kids Pack Review, you’re probably wondering where you can purchase the Amare Kids Pack for your own family. Legacy Nutrition is proud to offer Amare supplements for children, teens, and adults.

Purchase the Amare Kids Pack online and have it shipped straight to your door. Additionally, there is a 90-day money-back guarantee that assures the quality and benefits of this product. We hope that your family enjoys it as much as our other satisfied families have.

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