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Legacy Nutrition

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring hope – the promise of a better life through wellness and opportunity. We have found hope in many different forms. Such as participating in worldwide humanitarian work. This work allowed us to empower people and connect them with opportunities to succeed.

We have helped roll out various initiatives throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, helping individuals and families improve their lives through better education, employment, and starting and growing a business.

The Triangle of Health

Having a better nutritional diet can help improve your overall health, energy, and mental wellness. The Triangle of health includes Amare Sunrise, Amare Sunset, and Nitro Xtreme. These supplements were made to provide daily comfort and solutions to help enhance your health and performance. 

Learn More About Our Products

Happy Juice Pack 3:28

Amare Happy Juice Pack. Balance. Energy. Motivation. For your gut-brain axis.

Kids FundaMentals 3:56

Learn from Dr. Shawn Talbott the benefits and science in Kids FundaMentals, all-in-one gut-brain axis nutrition for kids & teens.

Kids VitaGBX Product Info 3:50

Learn from Dr. Shawn Talbott the benefits and science in Kids VitaGBX, premium nutrition for a healthy body and mind for kids and teens.

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